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I was accepted into Summer of Code 2006 to implement a new discussion system in MediaWiki. This is my story.

Monday, August 21, 2006


End of SOC Status Report

Well, today the Google gig is over. Don't worry; I intend to stick with the project at least until LQT is on the English Wikipedia. The status of the project is:

Advice for next year's SOC mentors: Send your students to a conference!

Thursday, August 03, 2006



Here I am at Wikimania! For the first three days, called Hacking Days, we are meeting at the OLPC office. Amazing, amazing place. I am surrounded by famous, brilliant people. The number of wizards here -- not to mention the number of laptops! -- is truly unbelievable. A few months ago I would have envied my present self.

Yesterday we went to SIGGRAPH. More brilliant people and amazing technology. My favorite demo was an interactive, tactile, graphical, digital musical instrument. But there were dozens of amazing demos -- far too many to list them.


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