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Monday, August 21, 2006


End of SOC Status Report

Well, today the Google gig is over. Don't worry; I intend to stick with the project at least until LQT is on the English Wikipedia. The status of the project is:

Advice for next year's SOC mentors: Send your students to a conference!

Is there a demo of the alpha anywhere we can take a look at?
It would be pointless, because I'm in the process of changing everything right now. Thanks for asking, though. Hopefully a demo will be up soon; however, I have learned that promising demos at such and such a date leads to hacking the code for demoability, which only slows things down.
Hi David,

Are you still interested in learning about general semantics?

I have a private e-mail list to introduce its main principles and practice.

Let me know if you're still interested. I was cruising blogs (9.12.06) and found your 2005 comments.

Well, it's been a month... Do you have something to look at? I need to add threaded comments to my wiki and I'd really hate to duplicate your work...
Is there a demo yet?
Hello? Anybody home?

Thanks very much for your interest. I am making an announcement concerning LQT in the next couple of weeks -- as soon as I know just what the announcement will be.. Stay tuned. Thanks again.

By the way, I'm getting heavily spammed, so I'm turning off anonymous posting. Very sorry; I know it's inconvenient.
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